Mr Gunguluza is considered as one of South Africa’s most celebrated media entrepreneurs, a strategist and a motivational speaker – the ultimate breakthrough Entrepreneur, and when requesting Mr. Lebo Gunguluza’s keynote services, please feel free to suggest any of the topics below:
  • The Future is here - The dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Prepare a future work force for your organisation
  • Why he launched Africa`s first 100% digital bank, and how he is managing in creating history.
  • 10 principles he is applying towards building a Billion Rand Empire through the digital economy (Book in Progress)
  • Why he launched Africa's first continental digital currency and the role it will play in improving trade in Africa
  • 10 Habits of a Millionaire - Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going
  • The 9 Principles he used to make his first Million as a Young Entrepreneur (Book in progress)
  • 10 Ways to help you build a sustainable Personal Power Brand for Business Success
  • Innovative Strategies he used to turn-around the sinking GEM Group of companies that has risen again (Book in Progress)
  • 10 Ways to help you build a Personal Power Brand for Business Success
  • Critical lessons learnt through his 5 year 12-12-12 Mentorship Programme to truly empower black entrepreneurs.
  • The Breakthrough Mindset - breaking new grounds through innovation and motivation

Lebo Gunguluza was qouted on 702 business promo "Always take care of the Three Kings "

1. Cash is King - Respect cash and always spend it wisely,

2. Customer is King - Take Care of your Clients, they are the ones that pay you "

3. Compilance is King III - simply put, in most instances if you don't comply, you don't get paid.

He is further quoted saying "Golden Opportunities come from Great Relationships", he unpacks this from his past experiences.

Mr. Gunguluza supports education through the Gunguluza Foundation, should you wish to support his bursary campaign, you are welcome to donate funds to the foundation through the button below.


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